DISCLAIMER: These are real results from real investors who put in real work. If you’re not ready to work and follow our system, don’t expect the same results.

David & Diana R. – Florida Wholesalers

We closed our first wholesale deal worth $12,350 in just 28 days with Jacob’s Google marketing strategy! We were pretty hesitant getting started with something like this, but based on our first month we are very excited to keep moving forward. Thanks Magnyfi!

DMV Region

Cory M. – Philadelphia Wholesaler  341.13% ROI

We’ve done a lot of different marketing over the years and recently wanted to try Google Ads. Got connected with Jacob at Magnyfi and decided to give it a shot. Once the campaign was dialed in, we were getting a consistent flow of leads every week! In the last 5 months we’ve spent about $8,000 on ads and I’ve closed 4 deals.

Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

Baltimore, MD & Surrounding Counties

West & Central Florida

Raleigh, NC

San Diego, CA

Mukesh G. – North Carolina Real Estate Investor  409.22% ROI

Before I found Magnyfi, I was buying properties at foreclosure auctions and leads that I got from telephone marketing. I also tried FB advertising but it didn’t work out. I came across Jacob and looked at his work in the past with Google and was impressed so I decided to try with him.

The Google campaign designed by Jacob & his team is definitely helping to acquire more properties for my company and online presence in my market segment. Every month we are improving in terms of leads and acquiring properties.

If you need help marketing, I highly recommend Jacob. He is constantly monitoring the campaigns and improving to better fit my needs. Monthly status call with reports will help to understand the trends. He is easy to access to discuss about campaigns. They even went beyond to implement other products along with Google campaign.

St. Louis, MO