The Motivated Seller Prospects Marketing Program keep you connected with people on platforms such as Google’s Display Network (GDN), YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram through remarketing strategies. Your ad can reach your audience on over two million websites, apps, and videos. To find out more about remarketing on social media or Google, call us or complete the form on this page. Let us help you get a higher ROI for your advertising dollars.

The more times your brand is seen by motivated sellers, the more credibility you build and the more likely they are to sell you their house. Our marketing experts place a Google Analytics Tag and Facebook pixel on your website and any landing pages that visitors view. We use the data in remarketing campaigns to keep your real estate investment brand front and center in the minds of sellers.


As a real estate investor, you need to stretch your advertising dollars as far as they will go. Allocating part of your budget for remarketing gives you several advantages.

Measurable Results

Through Google Analytics and other tracking platforms, we can see the reach your remarketing campaign is getting. The more traffic we push to your website or landing pages, the larger your marketing list gets.

Inexpensive Clicks

In some cases, you can pay thirty dollars just for someone to visit your page. By investing a small amount of your budget into remarketing, you can get these same people back to your website for less than one dollar.

Maximum Online Presence

We can expand your market reach to over two million websites, videos, and mobile apps. Sellers can see your ad on all devices as they browse Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Quick and Easy Ad Creation

We will create various sizes of banner ads that are eligible for different ad spots on websites and social media platforms. We can also help you create videos to use as well, including testimonial videos.

Similar Audiences

On both Google & Facebook, we can create what are called similar audiences or look-a-like audiences. These audiences are created by internet users who have a similar search and browning history as those who have previously visited your website.

Free Impressions

On Google, you only pay for clicks. This means someone could see your remarketing banner ad 5 times, never click on it, and you’d never be charged a penny. You can’t beat free exposure to your REI brand.


The more options you have for remarketing, the greater your chances are of increasing your conversion rates and ROI. The Motivated Seller Prospects Marketing Program creates various opportunities for you to reconnect with site visitors who are already familiar with your brand but need an extra budget to contact your real estate investment business. There are several ways that we can help you leverage remarketing on Google and social media.

Customer List Remarketing

Do you have phone numbers or emails from your existing database of leads? What about data from your direct mail, cold calling or RVM campaigns? With this data, we can upload it into Facebook and target these exact same people on social media. There are major benefits when home sellers are seeing your REI brand both offline and online.

Video Remarketing

Video is a phenomenal way to build rapport with motivated sellers in your area. Once someone visits your website, what if they saw a video on Facebook or YouTube of you explaining the benefits of them working with you vs. your competition? Or what if they saw videos of other home sellers explaining why they enjoyed working with you? We can help you accomplish both of these video remarketing strategies.

Display Network Ads

Once a person visits your site, they may immediately visit similar sites relevant to real estate investing. If so, we can show ads on many future sites they visit. Your business stays fresh on their mind no matter where they go on Google.

Social Media Remarketing

Using Instagram or Facebook as your primary platform, we can remarket on social media in the same way that we remarket on the Google Display Network. We display ads on Facebook or Instagram to people who have already visited your website. The ads work on any device and can appear multiple times on the platform newsfeed or sidebar.


If you are ready to take your real estate investment business to the next level, contact our REI marketing team today. Learn more about how we can help you implement the Motivated Seller Prospects Marketing Program online marketing program in your area. To check the availability of your market, fill out our application form or contact us at (877) 540-4248. We work with a limited number of real estate investors per market, so claim your market today.