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What is Pay-Per-Lead?

The pay-per-lead model is simple. Our team here at Magnyfi uses their own branded landing page to generate inbound motivated seller leads. 100% of leads are required to complete a multi-step form that asks them questions about their property, its condition, their motivation to sell & their timeline. As leads come in, they will be distributed for $300 each by county. If a lead comes in that’s located within one of your selected counties, you will be eligible to receive that lead. Leads will be distributed in a round robin fashion if there are multiple investors registered for the same county. All leads are 100% exclusive and will only be sold one time.

How To Claim This Pre-Launch Offer



Complete the short application form on this page


 Briefly speak to a member of our team



Set-up and fund your account with $3,000 (10 leads)



Get 5 FREE leads! ($1,500 VALUE)

See The Types of Leads We Generate..

Return Policy for Bad Leads

One of the great benefits of the pay-per-lead model is your ability to get a refund on bad leads. If you receive a bad lead, you are able to request a refund within the first 48 hours of the lead coming in. Refund requests can be for the following reason and will be subject to our team’s approval. 

Already Listed on the MLS

Mobile Homes

Invalid Phone Number

Vacant Land

Wholesaler or Agent

Duplicate Lead (Only if WE send you the same lead twice)