Get Access To Motivated Sellers In Your Area

Get Access To Motivated Sellers In Your Area

No Monthly Retainer. Only Pay Per Lead. 100% Exclusive.

  • No Set Up Fee Or Monthly Retainer
  • Only Pay Per Off-Market Motivated Seller Lead
  • 100% Exclusive

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We fund the online campaigns, you get the leads

  • Choose your counties and/or states
  • Set up & fund your account with $900 minimum
  • Pay $300 per inbound, exclusive motivated seller lead ($150/lead for nationwide investors)
  • Request credits for bad leads (see which leads are eligible for refunds here)

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Return Policy for Bad Leads

One of the great benefits of the pay-per-lead model is your ability to get credited for bad leads. If you receive a bad lead, you are able to request a credit within the first 10 days of the lead coming in. Requests can be for the following reason and will be subject to our team’s approval. To read our entire refund & credit policy, click here.

Already Listed on the MLS

Mobile Homes WITHOUT Land

Invalid Phone Number

Real Estate Agent, Wholesaler or Flipper
Commercial Property

Vacant Land

Lead Claims They Are Not Selling

Duplicate Lead (Only if WE send you the same lead twice)

Not The Legal Owner of Property

No Contact

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge per lead?

Right now, it’s a $300 cost per lead regardless of your market. This is subject to change in the future. If you choose to register nationwide, meaning you select no specific states or counties, we can give you 50% off ($150 cost per lead).

Do you use my brand to generate these leads?

With the pay-per-lead model, no we do not. If you prefer to run ads using your brand and building your credibility, we have our fully custom done-for-you programs available.

How much money is required in order to get started?

To get started, just fund your account with $900. You can turn on auto renewal so as soon as your account balance hits $0, it’ll refill back up to $900.

Where are these leads coming from?

All leads are inbound from online sources including both search engines and social media networks.

Are your leads exclusive?

Yes, unlike many other lead providers, when you send you the lead, we are NOT sending it to anyone else. All leads are 100% exclusive.

Can I get a credit for bad leads?

Yes you can! Click here to see the different reasons why you can request a credit.

Can I pause my account?

Yes, you can choose to pause your account at anytime. When paused, you will not receive any leads. To start receiving leads again, simply reactivate your account.

Can I turn off auto-refill?

Yes, this is an optional, but recommended feature if you want to consistently receive leads.

What questions do you ask the incoming leads?

Besides their address and contact information, we also ask them about the type of property, their reason for selling, condition of their property, their timeline, whether or not the house is occupied & if the house is listed on the MLS.

Get Access To Exclusive Motivated Sellers In Your Area