Google Paid Ads For Real Estate Investors


With the Motivated Seller marketing program, you can bypass wading through the swamp of unqualified leads and find home sellers in your market who are looking for your help. We use Google Search Ads to help you capitalize on high performing searches. Through intent-based marketing, you connect with people who are actively searching for a solution to sell their house fast.

Google Search Ads is a highly efficient form of marketing that keeps you from spinning your wheels sending out mailers, cold calling, and posting bandit signs on street corners. Your time and money are better spent focusing on people who are aware they have a problem and are in the process of searching for a solution. Contact us today to find out more about the power of Google Ads.

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    “Google Search Ads don’t work!” This is something we hear from investors from time to time. The reality is, they do. How can we say that? Well, because as you’re reading this we are successfully running Google Ad campaigns all across the United States. Our Motivated Seller  marketing program has already paved the way by developing a proven system that leverages Google Search Ads for your real estate investment business. We put you in touch with property owners who are relocating, downsizing, retiring, selling a rental property, going through a divorce, avoiding foreclosure, or selling an inherited property.

    Our process includes the following steps:

    Step 1: County Based Research

    When you schedule a time to speak with us, our initial phone call will help us collect information about where you buy houses. We do research in these areas to build a project and develop a plan.

    Step 2: Launching and Managing Paid Ads

    Instead of waiting for organic leads (which can take months), we deliver instant results by running search campaigns that are pre-optimized from data previously collected.

    Step 3: Aligning Campaigns With Your Goals

    Our team continually collects the most up-to-date data that shows us what is actively working and what we need to tweak. We meet with you monthly to align our campaigns with your goals.


    Yes, Google ads really work. Nearly all our investors close at least one deal within the first 30 to 60 days of launching a paid marketing campaign. To put it into perspective, it can take from four to six months to generate organic leads without any paid ads. Plus, there are other benefits to using Google Ads with us:

    • You can quickly expand your reach into multiple markets.
    • We can match the searcher’s (house seller) intent with what you have to offer.
    • You own your Google Ad Account.
    • We deploy search campaigns that are already actively producing deals across the United States.
    • We will analyze and measure the progress of your campaign.

    While search engine optimization (SEO) is still the backbone of the most highly visited websites, getting results from a well-designed and well-written site can take four to six months. You may not have that kind of time to land your next real estate deal. Google Ads expedite the process, giving you more qualified leads while your website has a chance to gain traction over time. Simply put, Google Ads is the fastest way to generate qualified, targeted leads online.


    To make the most of Google, you need a team of professionals who can help you capitalize on every dollar you spend, giving you the highest ROI for your marketing budget.

    We Know Your Industry

    We work exclusively with real estate investors. We know how your business works and what tools you need to succeed online as a home buyer. We use Google Ads to generate actionable data within your target market.

    We Are Google Certified

    Our owner worked with Google and has consulted with 700+ businesses. Our team is certified, knowledgeable, and experienced. Most importantly, we know how to get results from Google Paid Ads for real estate investors.

    Nationwide REI Data

    We have numerous spreadsheets full of the latest REI marketing data that we utilize to innovate and produce better results for your marketing campaigns. This gives you an upper edge on your competition trying to run their own ads.


    We know that a successful Google Ads campaign is much more than just the campaign. We incorporate other marketing tools and strategies to deliver better, more consistent results:

    • Keep your brand top of mind through remarketing campaigns
    • Ongoing testing of all campaigns based on the latest REI data
    • Dedicated landing page design and split-testing
    • Accurate form and call tracking
    • Automated follow-up via our Spark Follow-Up CRM
    • Drive up Google search volume through “top of funnel” marketing strategies

    With our program, you get direct access to your ad account and your dedicated account manager. We set up and manage your PPC campaign, adjusting it along the way to ensure optimal performance. We assess your performance and send you monthly reports.


    If you are ready to take your real estate investment business to the next level, contact us today. Learn more about how we can help you implement the Motivated Seller Prospects program in your area. Fill out the form below or contact us at (877) 404-1161. We only work with one real estate investor per market, so reserve your counties today.

      By submitting your info, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You consent to receive phone calls and SMS messages from us regarding your marketing inquiry. Message frequency depends on your activity. Message and data rates may apply.