Common Questions We Get Asked

How much does the Motivated Sellers Marketing System cost?

We have both a do-it-yourself program starting at $497 (D.E.A.L Method Academy) and our done-for-you programs starting at $1,500 per month. Depending on your experience and marketing budget, we can recommend to you which program would be the best fit. Just reach out and ask!


Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on offering month-to-month services because we truly believe in our ability to deliver you results. If another marketing company is making you sign a 6-12 month contract to work with him, they have guaranteed revenue with less incentive to drive you results right away.

Do you guarantee results with your system?

Our core offer, the 90 Day D.E.A.L Method Program, is backed by our action based deal guarantee. Essentially, as long as you commit to our 5 requirements (primary dealing with lead handling), we guarantee you will get a minimum of one deal under contract in your first 90 days working with us. Many of our investors get two and three contracts, however we guarantee at least one. If you don’t, our team will continue working for you, for free, until we do.

Do I have to work with you guys in order to use your Spark Follow Up CRM?

Nope! We love helping both wholesalers and investors take advantage of our CRM which is proven to help increase your speed to lead and prevent motivated seller leads from not being nurtured and followed up with properly. Spark Follow Up comes with several other beneficial features such as landing pages, call tracking and recording, texting & email, automated workflows, reputation management & more!

Can you just build me a website?

Yes, we build professional websites for real estate investors to help you stand out from the competition. Not only do our websites look good, more importantly, they convert good. What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t convert visitors into leads? We typically use WordPress to build sites for SEO purposes, however a popular platform for REI websites that is also good for SEO purposes is Carrot. Regardless of your preferred platform, we have lots of experience with both.

Have other questions that we haven’t answered? Call us today at 877-540-4248 and someone on our team will help you.