Cold Calling Program

The MSP Cold Calling Program

If you think that cold calling is no longer a viable form of marketing, think again. Despite the endless array of digital marketing channels available today, real estate investors still turn to cold calling because of how effective and affordable it still is. 

When you call from a high quality list and task trained real estate cold callers to reach potential sellers with a proven script you can expect one to two sellers interested in a cash offer in your inbox everyday. When paired with a powerful digital marketing strategy, cold calling can be even more effective and drive better results.

Magnyfi’s real estate cold calling services are designed specifically for real estate wholesalers & investors. Using our program, you get the benefits of cold calling without having to find, train & manage callers yourself. 

We’ll focus on the calling. You focus on real estate!

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    How Our Real Estate Cold Calling Services Work

    Hiring & Training

    We hire, train, and manage cold callers.Full-time callers start at $8/hr with a one-time $500 set-up fee per caller. Part-time callers are not currently available. We require a three-month minimum commitment to get started.

    Scrubbing & Screening

    You provide 6,000 contacts per month per caller. We will scrub all numbers for predatory TCPA litigators. Our callers are trained to get a ballpark range of what the seller wants for their house, however we will not do any negotiating on your behalf.

    Metrics & Reporting

    You receive daily metrics so you can track day-to-day activity & progress. When we speak to a qualified lead, we provide their information via our Spark Follow-Up CRM. We can also use your preferred CRM if you wish.

    How Our Cold Calling Team Is Structured

    Jay is our cold calling manager who handles new callers’ initial training and onboarding. All callers are based in the Philippines. Each caller is coached and evaluated based on three main categories:

    1. 1
      Caller has a clear, professional-sounding voice.
    2. 2
      Caller established a consistent and effective workflow based on our system.
    3. 3
      Caller has baseline real estate knowledge such as flipping, wholesaling, agents, rehab, ARV, repair estimates, etc.

    When we send a lead, you will also receive the call recording. If you have any requests or comments for the caller, you will let us know, and we can incorporate that into our scheduled training.

    How to Start Using Our Cold Calling Services

    If you are ready to leverage our team of trained cold callers, just complete the form on this page, or call us directly at (877) 404-4248 and someone on our team will answer your questions and help you get started.

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      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Do you leave voicemails?

      We leave an automated voice call on all first attempts.

      How many cold callers can I hire at once?

      As many as you’d like. Each caller has a one-time $500 set-up fee.

      What if I don’t like the cold caller making calls for me?

      While extremely unlikely, for any reason you are not happy with your caller, we can substitute a new one at no additional cost.

      Will I receive a recording of the calls?

      Yes, you will receive the recording of all phone calls that turn into leads so you can listen to it for full context before calling the lead back.

      How many leads can I expect to get per day?

      You can expect to receive 1-2 leads per day on average, assuming we are calling a good list.

      Where do you recommend I get lead data from to provide you?

      While there are several places you can buy data from, our recommendation is PropSteam.

      Do I need to provide and pay for the dialer?

      No, we include this in our services. There are no additional costs or fees outside of paying for the caller and the data to call.


      Are you ready to leverage our trained cold calling team to help you find more motivated sellers in your local area? If so, fill out the form below or contact us at (877) 404-4248

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