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What Is The Motivated Sellers Marketing System?

The Motivated Sellers Marketing System is designed to help both beginner and seasoned real estate investors. The three major components of the system are online reputation development, multi-channel inbound lead generation & automated lead nurturing. Our goal is to help you take control of your REI company by building this marketing system INTO your business so you’re no longer dependent on traditional outbound marketing strategies or reliant on generic, 3rd party lead generation companies to fuel your growth.

What Can We Do For You?

Do-It-Yourself Program

For those not yet doing at least one deal per month consistently or those who prefer to handle their marketing in-house, our D.E.A.L Method Academy is for you. Inside the Academy, we teach you step-by-step how to successfully generate your own leads using your own brand online. Topics taught include building out your online reputation, running Google Ads, running Facebook Ads, running YouTube Ads, SEO strategy, writing SEO optimized content, tracking & analytics, lead nurturing strategies & more!  Right now for a limited time, you can save $1,000 on the D.E.A.L Method Academy by completing the form below.

Done-For-You Programs

For those who are more experienced or just prefer to have our team implement our entire Motivated Sellers Marketing System for you, we have that option as well. Right now, we only take on three to five real estate investors per month due to our hands-on approach and fully customized set-up. We are more than just a lead generation company for investors. Our system not only helps you to stand out in your market to generate leads more consistently and efficiently, but also leverage back-end automation to nurture your leads to increase your close rate and become more profitable.

See What Others Are Saying..

"I use to work with a group out of Colorado and quite frankly I felt like I was throwing money at the wind when it came to my PPC & my SEO wasn't nearly as strong. I couldn't be happier and I couldn't recommend them more!"

"I think we got 3 contracts or so in the first 45 days. This is night and day to what the other companies provided us, or not provided us I should say. Knowing the direction you are going to take us in is pretty inspiring."

"I think we're picking up some good momentum here. I got the trifecta going right now with the three under contract and that was all within the last month, and then we had that one close last month"

"I had to come with high expectations, and that's a shame because I've been through other guys and they're all terrible. I don't have anything negative to say about you guys, you're doing a great job. I'm more than happy!"

“The rest of it, the SEO, has really taken off now. It’s worked well. Jacob’s been very pleasant to work with and has always done exactly what he said he’s going to do. You just have to accept the fact that it is a process and it’s not going to happen overnight.

"With the inbound marketing, the stuff that we are getting from Magnyfi, the sellers are more ready to make a decision. Our leads to purchase agreements are turning a lot faster, some within weeks and actually some within days.”

 “The online leads are usually very hot, the only leads with higher motivation are the ones that walk into our office and say I need to sell now. The CRM you guys use is extremely helpful and helps use get to those leads quicker than others.”

Are You Tired & Frustrated With Traditional Outbound Marketing Strategies?

It’s very common for a real estate wholesaler or investor to start with outbound marketing strategies like cold calling, texting, ringless voicemail & driving for dollars. What’s the common thread between all of these? It’s YOU chasing the potential seller (we say potential because you don’t even know if they want to sell when originally reaching out). 

These strategies are more common when just starting out because they are one of the cheaper marketing strategies you can implement in your REI business. While cheaper, it does require more of your time, energy & resources to successfully execute. 

When you can make the shift from traditional outbound methods to more efficient inbound marketing strategies, you will be able to buy back your time and energy by only talking to sellers who have raised their hand and specifically requested a cash offer from YOU. Instead of you chasing the seller, now they are coming directly to you.


Jacob, the founder of Magnyfi, started this company out of his experience working with Google. After consulting with hundreds of business owners and dealing with various marketing agencies in the process, he quickly realized the need for reputable marketing companies that truly understand the business they are serving and what is necessary to drive real results. So, he set off on his own to build exactly that and has been focused on doing so ever since. Magnyfi is proud of their strong reputation in the REI marketing space.

Why Work With Us

We Have Paved The Way

We’ve been generating motivated seller leads all over the country since 2018. Because we already know what works and what doesn’t work, we will save you thousands of dollars in trial & error. Trust us, we know.

Month-to-Month Solution

Many marketing companies want to lock you into a long-term contract leaving virtually no down side for them if they don’t deliver. We don’t believe in that. Instead, we believe in simply delivering results. Who needs a contract when you can deliver results?

Exclusive Motivated Seller Leads

Don’t waste your time buying generic leads that have no idea who you are. Because we use your brand, all of the leads we generate are exclusively generated for your company with the proper framing. Consider us your virtual marketing department.

Personalized Attention

We understand the importance of maximizing your marketing budget. That is why you’ll have a dedicated account strategist for each marketing strategy we are focused on with you. Our team is always readily available for you.

What We Do For Real Estate Investors

Our Motivated Sellers Marketing System Is Made Up Of The Following Components..


One of the highest quality leads you can generate is from the Google, the #1 search engine. These leads are actively searching to sell their house fast and want a cash offer.


While social media leads are not as hot as Google leads, they are still quality leads requesting a cash offer from you. With the right set-up, you can filter out the tire kickers.


Did you know it takes an average six to eight touchpoints to get a sale? Keeping your credibility backed brand in front of motivated sellers who have previously visited your website is an important aspect of your online marketing efforts.


Your organic presence should be the backbone of your online marketing strategy. Organic seller leads, next to paid leads from Google, are amongst the highest converting leads. While this strategy takes time, the long-term benefit is 100% worth the time and energy.


In order to maximize your ROI, we recommend using your website for your SEO strategy, while using landing pages are for your paid ad strategies. Your website will be content heavy, while the landing pages will be more short and concise to quickly convert paid visitors.


If you’re not tracking your marketing efforts, you’re likely leaving money on the table. By tracking your marketing efforts, you will have a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not working. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.


With all of our investors, we help them develop and establish what we call your online credibility profile. This is valuable for both your online and offline marketing efforts. By having a credibility-based online presence, sellers will have a higher level of trust with you vs. your competition and as a result, you can generate motivated seller leads more efficiently than they can.

CRM for Real Estate Investors

Our goal isn’t to just generate you motivated seller lead and say, “Good luck!” The reality is, if you don’t close deals and make money, our relationship won’t last long. We utilize our Spark Follow Up CRM to increase speed to lead plus leverage long-term nurture sequences to prevent your leads from falling through the cracks. Remember, the fortune is in the follow up. You can’t afford to skip this step.

Common Questions We Get Asked

How much does the Motivated Sellers Marketing System cost?

We have both a do-it-yourself program starting at $497 (D.E.A.L Method Academy) and our done-for-you programs starting at $1,500 per month. Depending on your experience and marketing budget, we can recommend to you which program would be the best fit. Just reach out and ask!


Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on offering month-to-month services because we truly believe in our ability to deliver you results. If another marketing company is making you sign a 6-12 month contract to work with him, they have guaranteed revenue with less incentive to drive you results right away.

Do you guarantee results with your system?

Our core offer, the 90 Day D.E.A.L Method Program, is backed by our action based deal guarantee. Essentially, as long as you commit to our 5 requirements (primary dealing with lead handling), we guarantee you will get a minimum of one deal under contract in your first 90 days working with us. Many of our investors get two and three contracts, however we guarantee at least one. If you don’t, our team will continue working for you, for free, until we do.

Do I have to work with you guys in order to use your Spark Follow Up CRM?

Nope! We love helping both wholesalers and investors take advantage of our CRM which is proven to help increase your speed to lead and prevent motivated seller leads from not being nurtured and followed up with properly. Spark Follow Up comes with several other beneficial features such as landing pages, call tracking and recording, texting & email, automated workflows, reputation management & more!

Can you just build me a website?

Yes, we build professional websites for real estate investors to help you stand out from the competition. Not only do our websites look good, more importantly, they convert good. What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t convert visitors into leads? We typically use WordPress to build sites for SEO purposes, however a popular platform for REI websites that is also good for SEO purposes is Carrot. Regardless of your preferred platform, we have lots of experience with both.

Have other questions that we haven’t answered? Call us today at 877-540-4248 and someone on our team will help you.

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